When field lacrosse returned to Glenlawn after a two-year absence due to COVID, excitement was high. The sport has proven to be popular for the school over the last decade, drawing interest from those with experience in LAX, as well as multi-sport athletes and others looking for a way to immerse themselves in the culture of the St. Vital-based institution.

A handful of seniors were particularly thrilled to see the sport return, as they got one final shot to have fun with their friends. One of those athletes is Morgan Currie, a ten-year veteran of lacrosse who plays field and box, and was on Glenlawn’s roster as a freshman. In the lead-up to the season, it was his name that was being mentioned by staff members and other people in the league as a player to watch for the Lions.

Currie hasn’t disappointed. He’s among the top scorers in Division 2, including multiple three-goal games and a five-goal performance in Glenlawn’s season opener.

“Everybody was really excited for [field lacrosse] to be back. A lot of these guys have been waiting for the last two years to get to play on the field team. It was really interesting to see the atmosphere at the school when they found out lacrosse was returning,” he said.

“We had a lot of guys coming out to practice. I think the squad we have right now is pretty good. I think field is a lot of fun, because right now basically everything that’s field is high school. To represent your school out here with pride and play against these other schools is awesome.”

Currie, who is capable of playing in multiple positions, is a multi-sport athlete whose skill-set as a defenceman in hockey translates well to LAX. His shot admittedly took time to develop, but it’s now seasoned and has given the opposition headaches all year.

“I had a buddy who saw how I played on defence for hockey. He saw that I liked to hit people, so he told me to come out and play some lacrosse. I was balancing between that and baseball, and then I played my first game of lacrosse and it was history. I think I scored two goals and laid out five kids and thought this was the best thing ever,” he chuckles.

“[My shot] took a lot of time. I think my first five years in the sport I had a terrible shot. I always blamed it on the stick so I kept getting new ones. I think I found one that had a bit more whip to it, and I would get up crazy early and shoot every day in my back yard trying different things. A couple coaches helped me out along the way and told me different tips to get more power. It helped a lot.”

For as talented as Currie is, he loves nothing more than playing for his teammates. He’s selfless on the field and loves to mentor others.

“I’ve always liked to coach. I was a coach for hockey, so I love it. It’s not really coaching as much as it is showing them what to do on the field in-game, saying hey, if you guys do this, it’s going to help you score a lot more goals. Last practice I was helping this one guy work on his shot and how to do a bounce shot higher so that it goes top corner, and he was nailing it at the end of practice,” he recalled.

“I always talk to the coaches before, saying what do you guys need out of me? A lot of the guys say that we need you to be a team player. I’ve been a captain for many years so I always put the team first before myself. When I have an opportunity though, I’m not going to miss it. I’m going to take it, but if I don’t I’m going to pull out and pass to my teammates.”

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