Our Players of the Week!

Week 4 – Megan Ferg, a grade 10 attack for the PCI Trojans had 2 goals and 1 assist. She creates scoring chances, maintains possession & has an undeniable work ethic.

Week 3 –  Carter Ives, a grade 12 attack for Garden City had 2 goals and 2 assists vs ESS and 3 goals against LSS. Carter, an integral part of the Garden City team recently helped the team win 4 straight games.

Week 2 – Tyrus Schotchenko, a grade 11 attack for Garden City had 3 goals and 1 assist vs SH and 4 goals against OP. He was the main contributor on offense, playing every minute in both games.

Week 1 – Kyle Oleksiuk, a grade 11 attack helped lead West K to a 17-2 win over LSS this weekend. Kyle leads the team in scoring with 2 goals and 3 assists.


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